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What is KINTO

The name KINTO stems from the concept of KINTO-UN or ‘flying nimbus’ in Japanese. It’s famously known as the magical and friendly cloud that takes you wherever you wish to go, no matter where you are or what time it is. That’s where we come in. KINTO South Africa is an affiliate of Lexus South Africa Motors, created as a foundation to drive mobility solutions that support our customers’ needs – giving you the freedom to move.

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What is KINTO ONE?

KINTO ONE allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of driving a new car without having to own one. It’s a full-service and affordable pay-for-use subscription offer for individuals and companies seeking modern mobility solutions. Businesses can benefit from KINTO ONE as their fleet managers have peace of mind knowing that the service, maintenance, and warranty of their vehicles is taken care of. As an individual, you get access to the latest vehicles without the burden of owning a depreciating asset. Plus, you won’t have to deal with the additional service and maintenance costs. With just one monthly transparent payment, you can take care of the drive while KINTO ONE takes care of the rest.

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  • Full-service package

    A single monthly payment which includes your mobility subscription, all scheduled vehicle services and maintenance, meaning that you can manage your finances with peace of mind and without the risk of unforeseen costs.

  • No deposit required

    With KINTO ONE, there is no need to put down a deposit or worry about additional costs. All you need to do is pay your fixed monthly subscription fee and cover your fuel costs. It’s that straightforward.

  • Personalised & convenient

    KINTO ONE allows you to choose your kilometres and tailor a personalised contract to fit your lifestyle and pocket with the added support and convenience of South Africa’s most extensive dealer network.

  • Flexible subscription

    We’re here to accommodate you! If your initial contract requirements should change based on your mobility requirements, KINTO ONE will help adjust your contract at any time during the deal period.

  • Qualified experience

    KINTO ONE has multiple Toyota Dealers at your service for all matters related to your vehicle. They are available to help tailor-make your contract to suit your individual or business needs.

  • No surprises

    KINTO ONE allows you to change your vehicle more often without the hassle of selling or disposing of it. Once your contract has ended, you can return the vehicle to your dealership of choice and choose which car you wish to drive next.

  • Roadside Assistance & safety

    KINTO ONE offers guaranteed 24-hour Roadside Assistance with a towing service to your nearest Toyota Dealer. Plus, you get the added benefit of extra security, thanks to a stolen vehicle recovery device that comes standard in all vehicles.

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    KINTO Legal Documents

    KINTO Master Terms
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    Master Agreement - Personal
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    Master Agreement - Business
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    KINTO Protect
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    Fair Wear and Tear Annexure
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