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Lexus The Glen believes in giving back - to our community, and by giving great service and personalised treatment to our customers. See what Lexus The Glen has been up to in our Community, and hear what our customers have to say about their experience with Lexus The Glen.  


Well done Werner. Thank You for Going Above and Beyond!!

He jokes to say the day was embarrassing because he had to go pose and they wanted to show the photos on Facebook, so there he was standing with his big tummy, shorts and slops. The car had a big ribbon and joking aside, he felt so special.
The first thing he noticed was that there was a full tank of petrol and that is the difference between Toyota and Lexus. He recently bought a Toyota as well and they got petty over a R 700 tank of petrol when he is spending half a million rand with them.
He only got there at 6:15pm because he was delayed at work and Werner told him he has waited till 8pm so it was no problem.
When he arrived Werner was the only person there and he appreciates that. He likes that he works so professionally because when he does his business deals as well, he doesn’t clock watch either. It’s about delivering a service and one does what needs to be done.
He thinks Werner needs to be congratulated for this and rates it as exceptional. There are no outstanding issues.

Well done to Claude and his team. Going Above and Beyond!!

He collected the car and the handover was as usual excellent. They explained the features in detail, and took it out into the sun for him and took photographs.
He feels it is really a very good dealership. The biggest thing for him is feeling like family because he has a close one with his own family so buying a motor car and having the same feelings is very special to him.
When they took the photos they emailed them to him and his wife which made it very personal and special. He would like to compliment the salesman, and his manager because they are so close, they speak about their family in detail and they remember trips they went on, and birthdays. They take care of him as a team. There are no outstanding issues.

Well done Claude!!

Another example of how amazing the Lexus experience is was when he had his number plates fitted, Werner wasn’t there but Claude jumped up and took over.
He really appreciated this because he could feel there was no rivalry and it showed that Lexus is their passion, and their focus.
The overall picture of the company is exceptional. They have called him to check in, and they know that he is travelling to Cape Town and asked him to keep a log book on fuel consumption. He is a very happy customer.

Adams family compliments Steven Luker

She has confidence in the dealership and trusts them because of the fact that when Steven phones you and tells you what’s wrong with the car, and you tell him you don’t have money for the repairs this month, he’ll be straight with you and tell you that you can’t leave it for too long or you’re going to end up with an even bigger problem.
She really appreciated him sharing his knowledge and laying out the dos and the don’ts of the problem. She thought that if he had all the money in the world he would even give her a service for free – that’s the kind of person that he is. There isn’t anything she would do to improve the customer experience.
While they were waiting there they had their kids with them, who are very wild, but you don’t even want them to talk because everything at the dealership is just so professional. You don’t even want to drink water because everything is so shiny and clean. It’s a very posh and respectable place and people work there and you have to respect that. She would definitely recommend the The Glen to close friends and family. Her husband is going to be buying her a new car and she thinks it’s going to be another Lexus.
She asked that we let Steven know that he really makes them feel at home. It’s an honour to have someone like that looking after your car for you. You don’t get a lot of people like that at car dealerships. She knows that it’s a luxury car they’re driving and it does cost money to keep everything together, but Steven makes things as easy for them as he can. She asked that we let him know how much he is appreciated by the Adams family.

Making the booking was awesome. He went in person to do it. What particularly impressed him was that Steven, whom he must have last seen about eight months ago, remembered him by name.
Steven is a very valuable asset to the team – very efficient, warm and responsive. On the day of the service the check-in was great. They were expecting him and he was in and out in 7 to 10 minutes. He didn’t have to wait for his lift. The car they used was a brand new, very clean Lexus; he wasn’t sure which model, but it was very nice and he wished he could afford it.
The driver was very friendly and professional. Work was only 2 minutes away – he wished he’d had more time to enjoy the lift car. He said that to be fair he would have to rate the initial experience as excellent. The guys were so quick and efficient that he hadn’t even had time to finish his coffee before they were ready to take him to work, which really was amazing.

Well done Steven Luker !!

He has confidence in the dealership and trusts them because they are very efficient and highly customer-centric. Even the lady cleaning the floors will greet you when you walk in and will go and alert the service people if they’re not around.
Their efficiency is such that you can feel the difference in the car when it’s been for a service. There was a time when he asked them for a quote on a demo IS 350 and they were so on the ball he was very tempted to buy it, despite having a fully-paid up IS 250. The sales, service and after-service experience is very good and they have a very good work ethic.
To improve the customer experience he would move the coffee station to the front of the premises. At the moment it’s near the back. At the front, it might attract more potential Lexus owners, who could sit in the lounge and browse brochures and so on.
He dreads the day when Steven isn’t there anymore. They must keep him there for at least a few more years, and pay him very well to stay. Could they ever find anyone else with his work ethic and attitude? He does recommend the dealership all the time to people. Both the car itself and the service that comes with it make an excellent package.
He has a family member with an RX 350. He keeps trying to persuade her to take it to the The Glen, but as she lives near Cedar Square she takes it to Fourways, which she says is also very good. He understands her going there, but reminds her that the The Glen is also excellent and he really loves their service.

Congratulations to Steven Luker

They called him about 4 times during the service to update him. One call was to advise him that the brake-pads were only good for about another 12 000 kms. They might last until the next service, but as they were front pads he would be advised to change them now. He appreciated their attention to detail.
His wife, who uses the car most of the time, had said there was a squeaking noise coming from the brakes, and they’d picked this up. He gave them the go-ahead to replace them, but appreciated that he was given the option and that they hadn't been pushy and just tried to force a set off new pads on him. They also called him when the car was almost ready. When it had been washed, they phoned to ask him what time he would like the driver to pick him up. They let him know when the driver was leaving the dealership and contacted him when he had arrived at his work.
This is how Lexus rolls and it's very impressive. He was collected in the same car, by the same driver, who recognized him. Back at the dealership, Steven, as was typical, had all the paperwork ready and took him through exactly what had been done and the cost of the labour and the parts and the service itself. He only had to wait about two minutes for the car to come through. It was very, very clean. He rated the service experience as excellent, especially because of the constant feedback during the day.
This really impressed his colleagues. He could tell them Lexus called about this, Lexus called about that. And they were amazed that after going to collect the car, he was back in the office in about 7 minutes. They don’t have that sort of service with the luxury cars they drive.

Hi Steven,
Thank You for going above and beyond in customer service.
Keep up with the amazing work you do.
You make an average day an Excellent day for our customers and thereby impacting their lives
Well done and keep up your awesome service levels.
Roelf Strydom

Afternoon Werner,
Many thanks for this and your exceptional service offering throughout the process.
Please convey my utmost appreciation of your service to your Dealer Principal. You really went the extra mile to ensure I got the Lexus, and looking forward to many years of dealing with your dealership.
Kind regards,
Tony Viljoen


Well done Claude !!

Claude really helped her between the two models. She didn’t want to take the car for a test drive. Poppi was fantastic and really went the extra mile for her. She gave feedback, and kept her up to date every single time there was movement on the finance side, or if she needed something. It was permanent and prompt. If she said she would call her at 3pm, one could look at the clock because she would call at 3pm exactly. She rates the experience as excellent because of this and Claude as well, because he had flown down to Durban and drove her vehicle back for her so she could have it on the date that was arranged.



Congratulations to Steven Luker

The booking was good, he received a message confirming his service and they called to confirm if he is still coming. His arrival there was excellent, they welcomed him very warmly and treat him very well. He says he will continue to take his vehicle for service at this dealership. They provided transport for him, the transport provided the same comfort as his vehicle which was good, they provide comfortable transport and the driver is very experienced. He says Steven Luker is fantastic, he will continue to go the Glen from now on as it was his first experience with them. He says Steven is an excellent young man, he thinks what Steven Luker does is more than his age. He says he usually goes to East Rand for service but this time he came to the Glen and he is not going back, he will stay with the Glen. He says the service was quick and efficient and Steven was impressive. He says there was warm welcoming, Steven Luker assisted him efficiently and it was really quick which was impressive.



Compliment for website - Lexus

Hi Steven,

I'd just like to thank you and the guys for accommodating me today on such short notice and for having corrected the problem on my car. The alignment is perfect now - in fact, better than it's ever been since I've owned the car.

Also the level of service and professionalism that I receive from Lexus The Glen, during each of my visits, is exceptional and I always leave the dealership with a smile on my face. I would like you guys to keep up those high standards that you adhere to.

Many Thanks.




Congratulations to Steven Luker

"I've been using the dealership for a number of years and I just want to say that Steven Luker is fantastic! I did mention this to the lady who phoned afterwards but I don't know if it was passed on. I never give compliments like this, but he is superb. I don't know why he's still stuck behind that desk of his. You would think a person like that would have been promoted further up in the company. You are welcome to name me in the compliments."


"He says everyone at the dealership is exceptional but he deals mainly with Steven and the way Steven conducts himself is exceptional. He trusts Steven, Steven is the reason he takes his vehicle there. He has a good relationship with Steven and he goes out of his way to attend to his customers and therefore he is very happy with the service he receives. He has built trust and confidence in Steven over the time he has been with them."


"She says she always forgets about her service but Lexus always reminds her so she knows she will never go wrong. They welcomed her very warmly, everything was excellent and her service adviser is very helpful and always assists her efficiently. She arranged her own transport as she had somewhere to be. They offered her transport to her destination and while she was waiting they offered her coffee which was very impressive for her. Their willingness to accomodate her, the way they treat and speak to her and their hospitality is what really impressed her. Her experience has always been consistently good and her son also agrees that Lexus is exceptional."



Congratulations to Steven Luker


Congratulations to Steven Luker , Lexus The Glen service advisor and member of Customer Service Society members of Lexus SA for your consistent and valuable contribution to Customer Service.”We Salute You”.Steven has won an overseas trip due to his great smile, helpful nature and always ready to go the extra mile for our Lexus The Glen customers!


Your customer doesn't care how much you know until they know how much you care.



Well done delivering Unsurpassed Customer Care - Omotenashi!

On the day she has never felt so special. There is a special room where your car is standing, it’s not just amongst the other cars, with its own double glass doors.


You stand there, everyone congratulates you on your car, and there is a bow. She got roses but 5 or 6 dozen long stemmed roses, when she says dozens she means you put your arms around the bunch like it’s the size of person you are hugging. That’s how big it was, it was huge, and a bottle of Cab/Sav, and a lovely note.


They took pictures and she has never experienced anything like this before. She has never been made to feel like royalty, she was uncomfortable with it because she has never had people be that nice to her. She thought it was wonderful, it separates them from all the others. The roses were a bit over the top, how much must that cost, 5 or 6 dozen? She doesn’t know if was because the sales manager said she was such a perfect customer, and so well versed in everything, she didn’t give him a hard time, or if he liked her.


There were no outstanding issues, the registration plates were done another day. She expected that. She didn’t grab the understanding of the delightful navigation system but they assured her that no-one gets it the first time so she has to learn. It’s a process. But even when she went back to get her number plates her sales person wasn’t there, but the other guy jumped in and helped so they really have each other’s backs. So there wasn’t gap like she felt she was abandoned.

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