Lexus Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle insurance is great in that it covers you for the basics, accidental damage and theft. However, how comprehensive is your ‘car insurance’? Will it help your family in the event of your death? Does it protect your assets if you are retrenched? Our Lexus insurance products cover offer a variety of different options for a wide range of incidences, it really is more than just vehicle insurance.

Credit Protection

In the event of death, disability, retrenchment or dread disease, the Credit Protection Policy will either pay the outstanding settlement to your financial provider, or cover your instalments for a set period of time, depending on the situation.

You can top up this product with a Retrenchment Policy that will cover you for up to a maximum of 9 months by paying your monthly instalments on your behalf (6 months for 1st claim, 3 month waiting period).


GAAP cover will help in the case that your comprehensive insurance plan does not pay out the full outstanding balance on your finance in the case of the vehicle being stolen or written off. This cover is up to R1 million, but does not cover arrears or refundable products (e.g. Warranties). It will also assist with up to R6000 towards excess payments and a few other benefits like loyalty bonuses and scratch & dent cover.

If your Lexus is bought under your business then there is the Commercial Asseture product, which offers similar benefits as the GAAP cover but for commercial purposes.

Deposit Protector

This option will pay back the deposit paid at time of purchase on your new Lexus in the event of it being written off or stolen, up to a value half a million Rand, providing you have comprehensive insurance.

Return to Invoice

Similar to the Deposit Protector, this insurance plan will cover the difference between the current market value/pay out from insurer and the price paid for the Lexus vehicle in the event of it being written off or stolen. This protects you from the depreciation of the vehicle.

NB: In the event of a stolen vehicle, the vehicle must not be recovered for the policy to pay out.
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